Stephon Alexander

February 26, 2017

The National Society of Black Physicists honors Dr. Stephon Alexander.

stephon alexanderStephon Alexander was born in Trinidad, before moving to the United States when he was eight. He grew up in the Bronx, New York City and attended De Witt Clinton high school. Alexander completed his Bachelors of Science from Haverford College in 1993, Sc. M Physics in 1995, Sc. M Electrical Engineering in 1996 and a Doctorate in 2000 from Brown University. Dr. Alexander currently works as an associate professor at Brown University. Alexander has mainly worked in continuation to Einstein’s theory of curved space-time to take it to extremes in regards with the connection between the smallest and largest entities in the universe. In 2001, he co-invented the model of inflation based on higher dimensional hypersurfaces in string theory called D-Branes. In such models the early universe emerged from the destruction of a higher dimensional D-brane which ignites a period of rapid expansion of space often referred to as cosmic inflation. Stephon Alexander is also a jazz saxophonist and has been mentored by Ornette Coleman and Will Calhoun. He has expanded his repertoire to an avant-garde electronic medium as seen in a critically acclaimed Album with RIOUX entitled Here Comes Now. Alexander recently completed his first trade book that delves into the secret link between music and the structure of the universe, The Jazz of Physics. Dr. Alexander was awarded the 2013 Edward A. Bouchet Award for his contributions to theoretical cosmology, in particular the interface between fundamental physics and early universe cosmology, that includes work in leptogenesis, and parity violating effects in quantum gravity, as well as for communicating many ideas of this field to the scientific community and the public. He was also awarded the AAAS John Wesley Powell Memorial Award in 2010 and the NSF Career Award in 2008.