NSBP Fellows

Fellows of the National Society of Black Physicists
(Listed Alphabetically)

Those members who have contributed to the advancement of physics by original research or who have rendered other special service to the National Society of Black Physicists may be elected as Fellows of the Society. The fulfillment of Fellowship qualification shall normally be determined by an examination of the work and service of the candidate. Nominate a Member!

Rutherford H. Adkins

Edsel Ammons

Dialo Bagayoko

Robert H. Bragg

Charles S. Brown

Charles Bush

Hattie Carwell

George R. Carruthers

Ernest. Colelman

Warren E. Collins

James Davenport

Peter J. Delfyett

David J. Ernst

Sylvester J. Gates

Irving J. Heard

Warren E. Henry

Wendell Hill

K. Renee Horton

Deborah J. Jackson

Keith H. Jackson

Shirley A. Jackson

William M. Jackson

Anthony M. Johnson

Joseph A. Johnson, III

James R. Lawson

Walter E. Massey

Charles H. McGruder

Stephen C. McGuire

Ronald E. Mickens

Harold L. Morrison

Alfred Z. Msezane

Sekazi K. Mtingwa

Kennedy J. Reed

Vincent Rodgers

Carl A. Rouse

Earl D. Shaw

Milton D. Slaughter

Carl Spight

James H. Stith

Edward E. Thomas

Arthur N. Thorpe

Demetrius D. Venable

Arthur B. C. Walker

Charles A. Weatherford

Quinton L. Williams

Barbara A. Williams

Herbert G. Winful

James E. Young