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  • The Executive Committee advises the Board of Directors on the general direction and functioning of the society. The members are appointed by the President.
  • The Communications Committee advises the Board of Directors on the content, design, and production of the various Society communications, including the Newsletter of the National Society of Black Physicists, the Proceedings of the Annual Conference, the website, brochures, posters, journals, and exhibits.
  • The Nomination and Screening Committee prepares a slate of nominees for National Officers of the Society. The Committee recommends appropriate procedures and provisions for conducting any national election in accordance with this Constitution and its Bylaws.
  • The Audit, Budget, and Finance Committee reviews the audits and budgets of the society, and advises the Board of Directors on the stewardship of Society financial assets and the conduct of Society business affairs.
  • The Awards and Fellowship Committee reviews the candidates for the various awards and prizes approved by the Board of Directors, and recommends winners of such awards and prizes to the Board of Directors. The Committee is also to be responsible for evaluating and making recommendations to the board of directors for conferring the status of Fellow of the National Society of Black Physicists upon a member.
  • The Meetings and Program Committee plans and implements the scientific and educational program of the Annual Conference, and is also the editorial committee of the Proceedings of the Annual Conference. The Committee organizes a local organizing committee that helps with the planning and implementation of the program, as well as arranging the local logistics of the Conference. The Committee also surveys funding and research opportunities for the Society.
  • The Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining the list of NSBP members and keeping this list up to date. The Membership Committee advises the Board of Directors on issues related to membership recruitment, retention, and development at all levels (undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, and professional. The Membership Committee may make recommendations to the board and other subcommittees (e.g., the Communications Committee) and develop programs specifically designed to recruit new members, retain current members, and develop long-term relationships with the membership. The Board of Directors should be informed of and have final approval on recommendations and implementation of programs recommended by the Membership Committee. At the annual meeting, the membership committee is responsible for a booth to support its mission. This booth could include, but is not limited to, such activities as signing up new members, facilitating dues renewal, highlighting the benefits of membership, highlighting ways to be involved in NSBP, and signing individuals up to join regional groups, and student chapters
  • The Professional Development Committee helps plan and execute year-round professional development programs. Such programs include Career Services, NSBP-Link and other web-based programs, physics GRE and graduate admissions workshops, topical short courses and workshops.
  • The Women in Physics Committee organizes sessions at the annual conference on career survival skills for women, serves as a liaison and information source on the current statistics and profiles of African American women in phyiscs, works toward a more systematic method of tracking and highlighting career trajectories of women in physics, and reaches out specifically to young girls as a component of NSBP Pre-college programs. The committee also maintains a list of African American Women in Physics.
  • The International Affairs Committee establishes and maintains contacts with colleagues and organizations in Africa, the Caribbean and other regions of the world. The committee also ensures that NSBP maintains an adequate program of support for the Edward A. Bouchet Abdus Salam Institute