2020 Brookhaven National Laboratory Registration Process (Mandatory)


All NSBP 2020 conference attendants are required to complete two separate registrations to gain access to Brookhaven National Laboratory facilities.  This process must be completed before October 16th, for ALL students and ALL professionals.  Foreign nationals, must complete all paperwork at least 60 days before the conference begins.

Gaining Site Access

Access to Brookhaven National Lab is available to those who have official business with the Laboratory, are properly sponsored by a Brookhaven employee, or are attending an event open to the public. U.S. citizens age 16 and over must bring photo-identification that has been issued by the federal government, such as a passport, or by your state government, such as a current driver’s license or a photo identification card issued to non-drivers by a state’s motor vehicles department. Non-U.S. citizens should see these requirements.

Registration and the Guest Information System

All non-U.S. citizens, and most U.S. citizens — except as noted below* — must enter their information into the BNL Guest Information System (GIS) for site access.


You must complete registration for the NSBP conference to get a special code in order to complete both of these processes.

Once you have completed this form, you will automatically receive e-mails to provide further instructions prior to your arrival. Upon initially completing the online form, you will receive an e-mail giving you a GR Number; this number is only a tracking number. This is not your final Identification Number. When your GIS submission is fully approved, you will receive another e-mail indicating that you have been approved and you will receive your final identification number, called a Guest Number.

If you have registered and received a Guest Number for a previous visit, please use that Guest Number and check or renew your status via Guest Central.

*U.S. citizen - casual visitor:

  • not staying in on-site housing
  • not being paid or provided any remuneration, such as travel expenses including pre-paid airfare
  • on-site for <3 days
  • does not perform work or a service
  • include, but not limited to, U.S. family members of employees and guests, those attending public events or other one-day events, and U.S. minors