Dear Fellow NSBP Member: In the past, the function of the Awards and Fellowship Committee (AFC) was to review and recommend candidates for the various awards and prizes in the field of physics. The AFC was/is also be responsible for evaluating and making recommendations to the NSBP Board of Directors to elevate NSBP members to

On this upcoming Earth Day, April 22, Earth Day Network will unite with the March for Science on the National Mall in Washington DC to take a stand against policies that ignore scientific consensus and ultimately put human lives at risk.  We will be hosting a national teach-in, rally and march to advocate for scientific

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The work of a teacher is invaluable. In giving the gift of knowledge, educators not only prepare our next generation to face the challenges of tomorrow, but also provide opportunities for growth in personal development. With the increasing demands of society, outstanding science and math educators are key in closing the achievement gap and ensuring

NASA Internships

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NASA offers an Agency-wide college internship program that provides a 10-week summer and 16-week fall and spring paid internship opportunity for students pursuing degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM); and for students of non-STEM majors that lend support to the NASA mission. During their internship students work at the NASA Glenn Research Center

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRF) is for currently open for applications. Current doctoral students who have approval of their dissertation topic and a formal dissertation committee are eligible. NIJ’s Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF) program supports doctoral students engaged in research that advances NIJ’s mission. The Graduate Research Fellowship in

Boulder School for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics July 3 – 28, 2017 Frustrated and Disordered Systems Disordered and frustrated systems comprise a vibrant research area in condensed matter physics with applications in fields ranging from mathematics to biology. At their core, these systems share universal features–such as rough free energy landscapes and rich sets of

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Many years of effort and more than one thousand physicists have been focused on finding evidence of gravitational waves. Success was achieved on September 14, 2015 when gravitational waves were detected by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors located in Livingston, LA and Hanford, WA. The existence of gravitational waves is one of

Greetings to all students from your NSBP Student Representative! As the name suggests, I will be representing your interests by bringing your concerns, needs and desires before the NSBP Board of Directors. So that I may serve our community most effectively, I hope to start open lines of communication with all of you. As students,

By Andre Clayborne* Recently, the United Kingdom (UK) voted to withdraw from the European Union (EU) with 51.9% of the vote. The possible effects could have an impact on Physics research in the UK. While a member of the EU, researchers in the UK received financial support from the European Research Council (~€1.7bn (1.8 bn

By Esmeralda Yitamben* The biennial African School of Fundamental Physics (ASP) will take place in Kigali, Rwanda, from August 1st through August 19th. This will be the 4th event since its creation, following ASP 2010 in Stellenbosch – South Africa, ASP 2012 in Kumasi – Ghana, and ASP 2014 in Dakar – Senegal. ASP 2016